Image repaint missing when device switches to landscape

I have a simple image component showing a jpg picture. When I switch from landscape to portrait, the image correctly resizes. But switching from portrait to landscape, the image does not resize.

Is there an event, which could force a ‚repaint‘ of the image component when switching the device orientation?

Thanks and BTW: AppGyver is an impressive product!

Hi! I tested with 2.4.17 and had no problems with a regular image component resizing (width set to 100%). If you’re using an older version, can you try with the beta?

Thanks für replying. I have not yet tried the beta version of your product, but I will give it a try later.

You may see the problem in a very simple app (181170) I have created to reproduce the problem. I forgot to tell you that I found this error not in a build version. It showed up in the iOS app “AppGyver”.

Yes, it may be an issue on the older 1.9.22, fixed into our beta. We should be stable with our beta soon though, so the issue will disappear, unless you insist on continuing to use the older version :sweat_smile:

Thanks - thats fine. I don’t need an immediate solution. And since I am always on the current level, the issue will disappear eventually.

Great support!

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