Image URL isn't working from Data Variable

I have set up a data resource in onsite storage. One of the Properties is a Object that receives a image url and see in the picture below:

I created a form page that intakes data and one of the form fields is the image url.

The crazy thing is that the example image url comes up perfectly in the build and place holder data but when it passes the data through in the app tester it just gives a blank area where the image is supposed to be.

The picture below show the image in the white box below the save button. This is the example text but when in the app tester it doesn’t show anything when using the same image url for a entry.

It would be awsome to get this to work.

Something to do with encoding?

And if you try this format, just to test, if the image appears it is because it has privacy policy problems, since many websites restrict certain calls to images or data:

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Wow! That link works perfectly!

Is there a way the user can input in a form fill the original url link and then with code or something it can out put it with the url link you created?

Also, how did you do that?

Thank you in advance!

The effect you look for in the capture example, you can.

Everything would be normal except in the “image component” because the image component only interprets in the compilation or view files such as PNG, JPEG, JPG, among others; because TradingView only offers content for browsers and that is why the termination of its URL does not end in PNG, JPEG, JPG, among others.

Then what you do is enter the normal page (in my case I have Windows), and right-click on it and search for “Inspect” and do the steps of the image, since the page actually saves all its images in the format that is needed for the image component.

But it would be good to have your own database such as which is free and unlimited or APIs calls and paste it there the URL of the image, this is for when you have to change the image of the day of the “” you will do the previous procedure to have the URL in image format and replace it with the new one; since we see in your capture that you use a component to be able to open the normal URL of the page of the day.

Another option is to take the “WebView Component” and paste the URL as it is (TradingView Chart — TradingView) and in the styles part of the component, give it the appropriate size so that you can hide the message that appears in the lower part of the privacy policies; since the “WebView” component every time the client leaves the page, automatically clears the cache and the cookie policy of the website would reappear. (Whereas with the image URL format, you wouldn’t have that problem).

(:raised_hand:Important: The “WebView Component” is only displayed in the “SAP AppGyver Preview” application to view the changes, since in “Componser Pro” you cannot see the style changes).

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You are awesome, thank you!

I did some test.

This is the link the app give you to share:

I’ve tested it multiple times. The last letter combination all ways goes before the .png and the first letter of that combination as a “lower case letter” is what goes in the / * / before the letter combination.




I’m not a coder. But couldn’t a formula be created to parse the /LPPczFkE/ (letter combination) and put it in the proper place in the image url “**LPPczFkE**.png” and then put a lower call letter in the proper place in the url / * / from the letter combination?

That was when an entry is made in the form fill with the give url it will manipulate the data and out put the .png url?

I’m thinking it could be done with a formulat that uses a combination of these and then sends it to my data variable for storage.

I did some tests and it gives me a mistake. Because the TradingView page is using hosting services on Amazon (AWS), with an S3 data layer that makes GET and PUT requests.

When I change the URL it changes back to the original URL, since that URL was intended for that capture or image and to be able to share that same link for the users of the platform.

Where the TradingView page handled or offered REST APIs in one of their plans, it would have been very easy, because they would incorporate documentation regarding the APIs and their configuration.

But since it does not have it, it is more difficult to manipulate the URLs and it is only to right-click on the image and in the option to open image or copy URL and paste it into the browser and there is if to put it in the image component from an API with its own database to give only that effect you are looking for.

Not sure that I follow?

I manually replaced the letter combination before the .png and then add the first letter of that combination as a lower case lettter in the / / before the leter combination.png and it worked for me.

If I can do this manual shouldn’t there be a way to create a fomulat that uses the this url as the base and then parses the letter combination from the share link thats in the same location each time to add it where I put FORMULACHANGE?