[Image&Video] Unable to return to initial view after log out

This is my logic. All the logics are running but does not return to initial view.

As you can see in the view below, I tried to log out 2 times. The first attempt, it already delete the token and user details (Jiha is deleted) but it does not return to initial view. When I push second attempt, then only it return to initial view.

Hi, are you still experiencing this problem? Looks like the final node is not reached at first try, could there be something going on with the set page variable node?

Set page component_isTrue == loading will set the visibility to visible. Before the final node, I set the page == “” to hide that component.

Even though that set page is removed, the bug is still present

Does the bug still persist if you move the “Dismiss initial view” logic to execute after component tap, not after all the other logic has finished?

Basically, I have 2 login flow or dismiss initial view.

First flow is in normal login flow. Which user key in username and password, it will dismissed initial view. This happened in login page.

Second flow is for new registration. Dismissed initial view is present in other page (final registration flow). This happened in edit profile 2 page. [bug also present here] dismiss initial view does not working.

I tried both and both returns the same result which the first attempt, it will delete the auth key and return initial view will only work in second attempt.

I also put delay before return initial view. However still not working.