Imager URLs duo not work when

Image URLS to a TINY URL or a BOX URL do not work.


They should work.

What do you mean by “do not work”? What are you trying to do, where, and what are you expecting “should work” to be?

A link to a JPG using BOX or TINY_URL looks like my example above. It does not have .JPG in the link.

Hi Geno,

I tested using a tiny url and had no issues placing it on my canvas and previewing in my app.

What is it that is not working? What field are you placing the url, what component are you using, etc. It’s really difficult to help with only “does not work” to go with.


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Thanks Lance for your help. I am sorry for not giving enough information. It is an image field on a paged bound to an image URL field in a data resource. My guess was image URL wants to see an extension.

Hi! If the image URL type field doesn’t recognize the extensionless URL, you can use web url / any value as the type of the property, and then bind it with formula to the image.