Images broken from 2.5.12 to 2.6.3

Hi guys!

I wanted to update my app to the last 2.6.3 version, but I discovered that in the lastest some of my images lost their original dimensions and resizing.
It is like the ¨contain¨ mode is not working anymore.

The images are set to a width of 100% with a fix height, but they don’t adapt to the width anymore.
This seems to happen with my Png and not with my Jpeg, I don’t know why.

With previous builds and Legend Preview, everything is normal.

Did something changed in regard to this matter from 2.5.12 to 2.6.3?



You have to manually change the size on 2.6.3
So for example before you would leave the image size blank, now you have to input some numbers (e.g. 30px * 30px)

Thank you for the info Edvin! I was not aware of those changes!

It’s a shame, I liked to be able to put % values and have responsive images that would adapt to the width of the device screen. I will have to operate many changes to keep up with the new builds.

Anyway, thanks again!

I think that is doable with percentage. But nonetheless you have to experiment yourself and see which does what with your particular case.


I just wanted to give an update on this issue, and tell that it is not fixed.
I had to change a fair part of the images of my app.

For me, there is a bug with the “contain” resizing of images in the 2.6 version, in build and preview.

The “contain mode” would work exactly as the “cover” mode.
Instead of expanding the image until a limit is reached in width or in height (contain), the image would fully expand, cutting the necessary areas of the image (cover).

This happens whis px values, % values and with no values set in the image dimensions. I tried everything.

Even weirder, I found a getaround by using containers with backgrounds, instead of image components. Here the “contain” mode would work as expected.

So I had to change every image components with display issues (every image for which the “cover” mode would not be appropriate regarding proportions), and replace them with containers !

Hope this will be adressed in the future.

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I’m also having this issue, surprised more people aren’t posting on this issue which makes me feel like I’m doing something wrong / missing something…

Any help from the AppGyver team appreciated!

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I moved to background images of containers as well…

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In my case, contain seems to work only on Android, not in iOS, where the setting isn’t any different than cover. It’s odd, because it used to work before.

Same here but works well on iOS and does not work on Android :man_shrugging: On Android the images seem to ignore the contain property…