Images from Firebase Storage not rendering


I’m using Firebase Storage to serve images for my app. In the app builder and on the web preview, my images are rendering as expected.

However in the mobile app preview, the images don’t serve.

Has anyone else noticed the same? I’m wondering if it’s just an app preview issue or something else I need to be doing to serve Firebase Storage images. Perhaps the token parameter in the URL doesn’t play nice on mobile :thinking:

Using the debugger, I can see that on mobile, the Firebase URL is changed, leading to a Failed to load resource: net::ERR_UNKNOWN_URL_SCHEME error, i.e the URL gets changed from: etc etc



Any ideas?

That’s interesting, so what it’s looking for is a google app that opens with the url gs://. Is the URL of the image correct if you have it in a paragraph below it? I’m wondering where it could be that it changes from the https:// url to the gs:// one, does it happen so that firebase sends you that url if it realizes you’re on mobile, or something like that :thinking:

hey @Mevi :wave:

yep it’s strange - almost as if the Google Cloud Storage SDK has been added to the app.

Had another try this morning but still no luck in getting the image to render.

To answer your question, when I put the image into a paragraph as a string value, it shows the correct URL.

I tried putting a simple img tag into the HTML Renderer component, but it ended with the same issue (shows on web, but not on mobile)


Thanks for replying! We have the firebase plugin included, which is likely to cause this, but it hasn’t been tested together with google cloud storage, and apparently that combination doesn’t work so great :disappointed_relieved: At this point, I recommend switching to a different storage provider if you can, as I don’t know with what schedule this might be fixed.

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Ah, that makes sense! Ok no problem, I will revert to a different storage method. Thanks!

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