Images not showing anymore

Hi Appgyver,

My images are not showing up anymore in the Appgyver app, Appgyver Legend or in my app.

Images are stored in an external database and have been coming through fine until last week. The debugger is showing that information is still coming through to the app.

I use the and still get a picture in google but not in the apps.

Is this a bug?

Kind regards

Hi @Mevi ,

Do you know if this issue is related to your backend issues mentioned in this post?


Hi! Are you still having problems with this? I would check that image width/height are set to something at first as that can sometimes be an issue. Other than that there’s nothing that immediately comes to mind :thinking: but if you are still having issues, please DM me with your app id and I’ll try to see if I can find what’s going wrong.

Hi Mevi,

Thank you for your reply. It looks like it was an issue between my database and your latest update and then that the Resize mode doesn’t seem to be working in the latest update :thinking:
Not really sure but pictures are starting to come through again. :blush:
Do you know about the Resize mode issue, when I change between the options, it makes no difference in the Appgyver App, but it does in Legend?

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Humm, thanks for reporting the resize mode issue, I was able to reproduce it and reported it onward :relaxed:

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