Images not showing up on preview

Hello! On the preview for the app that I’m building, the icons that I’m using (pictures) stopped showing up. Could someone take a look at it?


How are you pulling the pictures to your app? Have you checked the debugger to see where the issue is?

The images that I’m using are links. I tried the debugger but I’m not sure where I can access my problem within it.

Hi, it’s me from another account! This is the id: 198378. Tell me if you got a chance to look at it. Thank you!


Alright, difficult to pinpoint the issue with limited info about the links, but here’s a couple of things to try:

Are you pulling the image links to the app via a data resource? If yes, then I would check the data variable with the images with the debugger, to see if they actually get pulled to the app, or if there’s something wrong with the data fetch and the links end up as undefined . Here’s a tutorial on working with the debugger.

If you’re not using a data resource and have manually entered the image urls to the app, I would check if the urls are still valid, i.e. if you open the link in a browser, does the image show?

And lastly, make sure to update all your components if you have updates available :slight_smile: