Images show up black on Samsung Galaxy J3 & some older phones

Any reason why certain phones show a black screen for images, I reduced the sizes of some images and it fixed some images, i also changed images to webp format but some images don’t render properly and show black.

Apps like Tiktok, Facebook etc works fine on the phone. Additionally, is it possible to resize images for each individual phone based on the screen size?

I tried using Compress Image Logic, that didn’t work could have been using it wrongly. Any ideas???

Hi! Curious, I haven’t run into this issue before :thinking: I would recommend trying png/jpg/jpeg format instead of webp just in case. What are you doing to the image? Are you uploading it via Composer and displaying it in your app or something else?

we use one drive to display our images, as well as the composer. The issue seems to have been due to the image sizes. Somehow the phones were older phones which struggled to load the images.

Hmm, that may be. You could try if using resize/compress image to a more reasonable size would make the problem go away.

Ive tried using this but it seems little complicated, Is it possible to send a clip of how to use this feature. Could it be that it only accepts a certain format.

i realized that the video player only plays .mp4 url files, does the url require .jpg or .png at the ending of the url ?

hmm, it might be that the file ending is indeed required. The example I could find in our use compresses the image after picking it from gallery, and those always have the file extension included. I can show screenshots, but there isn’t much more to it that it takes the path of the imageFile picked with Pick Image from Library and compresses that.

Screenshots of anything that i don’t have would be helpful :rofl: :rofl: That would be much appreciated, Thank you very much.

Wellll, let’s see if this helps :sweat_smile:

Button where image is picked and path is set to takenPhoto page variable

Button where image is compressed

Compress image settings

Page variable takenPhoto configuration