Implement Google Analytics / Admob

Hello does anyone know how to implement google analytics and admob in appgyver apps?

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What about google analytics?

@Kirill_Leventcov: With all the respect you deserve, it’s been 2 years that some in the community dream of having some monetization component. If AppGyver were to implement it, it would be good for some who want an extra income and to monetize their apps. Some have invested in hosting, databases, domains, designs, etc. and want to recover that investment and time through a monetization component. We understand that much cannot be expected from the free version, but some want this option.

My suggestion is that AppGyver include a monetization component and receive a percentage when users use that component and make money from their ads. This model is similar to some third parties like Kodular. So, you earn a percentage and the community also wins, which would like to have extra income.