Implementing web sockets using Realtime Database

Hi there Appgyver Family,

I’m looking for ways that will automatically send data to my application when a new entry is created, such as a chat application.
When a new chat is created, it should automatically send the data via REST API to my appgyver applicaton.
Right now, my appgyver app is programmed to check every 5 seononds for a new record, and that is eating up my daily reads and writes quota.

I know, it has something to do with realtime DB, but I just don’t have any idea on its implementation.

I’m creating an application that needs to receive data from a rest api directly whenever a new record is created. Similiar to a chat application. Right now, my app is programmed to check for new records every 5 seconds… this can get really expensive really fast!!

Yes you can do this two different ways, the easiest way if you want to stay within appgyver instance is to use data notifications to trigger a client refresh. The other way I would have to describe in private.