[IMPORTANT] Community Announcement

Dear community,

Recently we introduced the New Community Edition, and we are happy to see that many of you have already gotten started there. This new version is a significant step forward for the community edition, bringing numerous improvements to the platform. With that, many of you have no doubt wondered what will happen to the old AppGyver Community Edition.

With the official launch of the new version, we are announcing the deprecation of the
old AppGyver Community Edition on January 31, 2024.

What does this mean to me?

To continue working with our free community tool, you will need to sign up and migrate all your app projects to the new community edition. We have provided steps for this in the previous post. The deadline for migration is January 31, 2024.

This deadline ensures that you have enough time to move your existing apps and finish your plans within the old community edition before it is sunset. There are no necessary actions to be taken before or after moving the app, since the new community edition is backwards compatible to the old one.

Additionally, we will soon disable creating new user accounts with the old community edition. All new sign-ups will be directed to the new version.

Forums, Tracker and Documentation

Up until this point, the AppGyver forums and tracker have served as the primary channels for communication between you and the AppGyver team. In addition to that, they have created a community of developers building solutions with no-code and sharing their expertise. When we launched SAP Build Apps last year, the AppGyver community remained separate from the SAP Build Apps one, regardless of the many common topics they share. Moving forward we want to bring these knowledge bases together, so everyone can benefit from having a common space for asking questions and posting content. This will be essential for the future of Community Edition, especially as it is now part of the SAP Build Apps technical landscape.

On January 31, 2024, together with the old Community Edition, the AppGyver Forums and Tracker will be deprecated in favor of the SAP Community Page. Additionally, the AppGyver Documentation is being moved to the SAP Help Portal.

Apart from simply asking and answering questions, you can also publish blogs for the entire SAP Community, which hosts millions of unique visitors every month. Once you’ve started using the new Community Edition, join SAP Community and follow SAP Build Apps to stay updated.

Because of the extensive amount of knowledge you have all contributed to this forum over the years, we will continue to keep it accessible in a read-only mode after January 31, 2024. We hope that you can share that same enthusiasm for the product with the wider SAP Community!

While we realize this is a major change for the community experience, we hope you enjoy using the new edition and see the benefits right away. As always, we welcome all feedback and are here to support during your migration journey.


Boa tarde estamos com enorme dificuldades de migrar para Sap Build App, qual o link para entrar na nova plataforma, não estamos conseguindo localizar, me ajudem por favor…


Hi @kleber_zeitounian,

It’s https://agcommunity.design-time.eu10.apps.build.cloud.sap/.

Hi @Kirill_Leventcov
I was wondering if you people could also stop using AG word with the new community edition URL.

I think there is no point in using an “ag” word with the new community edition branding, rather it should read like this ‘SAP Build Apps Community Edition’.

Does the new version support iOS builds yet?

yes, worked for us well. Runtime is 4.9.92 (so the latest).
There seems to be one issue that we are facing with dropdowns, but we don’t know exactly yet what’s the cause.


How much work was it to migrate across? I´m reluctant to invest more than a few hours to transition to the new platform.

Migrating a single app shouldn’t take more than 1–2 minutes.

Importing the app is easy and indeed quick.
Note that make sure to create the app with the name that you want to see in the web browser when built, as the name of an application is not yet editable in the new Composer. So if you need to rename the app, you need to export > create new (with the right name) > import.

What could take a few more minutes is the configuration of the builds. You have to configure your builds with your assets again.

Thanks. I will probably wait until January, maybe they will add a process to move the assets over.

I´m guessing that if I have to move the assets manually that I will also need to edit everywhere that they are used too?

I only meant the assets for the build process. Your app icons, splash screens, keystore file, ios distribution certificates and these things. Nothing from inside of the app. Those are things that are moved over.


Error when creating first app…


We are currently looking into this.

Edit: This has been fixed.

Sinceramente não estou conseguindo mudar para a nova versão… Sabe, poderia ter dentro da antiga um botão para atualizar…