Imposible select second o further option in Dropdownlo Lista (dyanmic List)

When I select the second option, the system always select the first yet if I click o select with keyboard the second.


I set the content has dynamic (I already done this before without problems):

MAP(SELECT(data.Lista_Motivos_Baja1, item.fields.status.booleanValue == true), {label: item.fields.nombre_motivo.stringValue, value: item.fields.id_motivo})

When I set statics values all works fine (but I need dynamic content).

When I quit the “value” field, It works (I was using it to set an ID when selected). Before the update of Appgyver it was working


My fault, I don’t set “stringValue” in value

value: item.fields.id_motivo.stringValue


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