In a page with soft tabs, cannot navigate to open another page

I created a page with soft tabs and made different components visible when the corresponding tab is opened. I used the “Active tab id changed” to set a page variable “selectedTab” as the tab id.

I bound a formula to the components property: “Visible” that will set it to true if the selectedTab id is the same as the preassigned id number of the component.

The problem is that when I created a button on the page that would navigate to another page (with the simple Navigation: Open Page flow function), that other page wouldn’t load. Also when I tap the other tabs, it doesn’t switch, it just stays there on the current page and tab. The pressed button animation does show that it’s being tapped so it’s not frozen I think.

How do I solve this?


The “active tab id” property of the Soft tabs component is two-way bound. Instead of using the property changed event, you should bind it directly to the page variable. This might alleviate some of the issues you’ve run into. Make sure to set the initial value of the page variable to something valid (“1” is the default).

Let me know if you still run into problems with the page navigation - I’m not sure if these are related, as I couldn’t reproduce the issue.

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