In a "Repeat with" block, the HIDE and SHOW Component functions not work

In a “Repeat with” block, the HIDE and SHOW Component functions do not work. It is not possible to hide or show an element by tapping on a repeated element.

Well, just think a little. You want to hide a component that is repeated → you will hide all the items that are repeated. This is NOT a bug, but rather a misunderstanding of how a “repeat” works…*

If you want to hide something from a repeated list you have to remove that item from the repeated list.

I am not sure how your repeated list is constructed, but you can surely use a few formulas like:
WITHOUT_ITEM() or MAP() or SELECT() or things like these to achieve your desired goal.
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*Apologies for this part, they are indeed inappropriate.

Sorry but I’m not a child… Please speak to me properly.
This is to hide an element OTHER than the repeated one!
In this case it is a question of displaying a spinner after having clicked on the repeated element and hiding it once the action is finished.

My apologies, however, the initial request did not specify the target component.

I do see your problem and can provide you with a possible solution.

Instead of utilizing the “show/hide component” logic nodes, which may very well be flawed at this stage you can set the visibility of the target component to a page/app variable, and toggle the value of that variable on a repeated item tap event.

As shown below:

The solution:

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Thank you very much, I did indeed do that, but I preferred to warn of concern for others.
However, even with the variables I have a latency problem, I launch an MP3 playback on click and I pass the variable to 1 and 0 automatically when the duration of the playback extracted from the file is reached. But I have a display delay and a hide delay at the end.
But I’ll try with a True/False variable as you indicate, it’s much more logical.

Thank you again for your very clear explanation!!!