In-App preview / Open external links in the app

I want a button (containing link of a website) to open as IN-APP PREVIEW like the one in WhatsApp playing external videos in the app. It it possible? If not, it it possible to integrate Google form into one of the pages of App built over Appgyver?

Thanks in advance.

If you do not have it installed, you go to “Flow functions market”, find in the market “OPEN WEB BROWSER” and install it, so that you can open any URL within the same application, without having to have a page or canvas created, since it would open by default and giving the user experience as if it were part of the application. In the event that the user does not have internet, the URL of the document or form of “Docs Google” or any URL you put there will not be revealed.

And so you will see in the application the results without leaving the app:

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Thank you so much, much appreciated.

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