In app purchase & ads integration


I wanted to ask if in the new appgyver there is an option to add IAP and rewards ads to an app?

Is this possible with the editor ?
If not is it possible with a workaround?

Thank you

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Not possible at the moment, unfortunately. In addition to expanding the number of officially included plugins (which provide the native features), we have on our roadmap an open plugin architecture, at which point your or anyone in the community could integrate IAPs or any other native functionality as a React Native plugin.

There’s issues to follow at:

Thank you for your reply.

So for now it’s not possible even if I will try to get someone to code it inside my app, an I right?

Any time frame on when this will be possible?


We are just finalizing a major upgrade to the core client runtime which will be out in a couple of weeks, after which the plan is to tackle custom-code plugins with full steam.

In the meantime, we do plan to roll out more official native APIs, and In-App Purchases are near the top of the list, but no committed roadmap/schedule for that at the moment.


Thank you again for your answer.

I can’t wail!

Is access native share possible ?

Native share dialog should be coming soon, it’s pending final polish on the flow function – I’ll get back when it’s available!

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Thanks I appreciate it

Native share (albeit a bit rudimentary, implementing full is on the backlog) is now available with


Any news on this?

In-app purchases and ads are still in the horizon – once we roll out the current beta to everyone, we should be able to finally start hammering out new features at a faster pace, but still might take a while. Doing our best with the small team. Stay tuned!


Hello. Any news on the subject? IAP and Ads are top priority for me and I suppose to many others who want to monetize their apps. Thank you.

No update on the schedule yet, unfortunately – hopefully able to get to this sooner than later; we see that it is a highly requested feature!


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Hello, any updates on in app purchases?