In new advanced version AppGyver, will we have these?

In new advanced version AppGyver:
1)Will we have swipe?
2)Can we upload cutom icons?


  1. What would you like to use swipe for? We are planning to implement a swipeable element for example which can be used like a container, but do you mean some other use case? Please provide examples/images.
  2. The icon component itself has only icons provided by us, but you can always use the image component as an icon to use instead in any use case you want.

I think he means the ability to swipe left-right between pages as a navigation enhancement
Id likat too

  1. Yeap, i mean swipe between pages and between containers?
  2. I tried to upload my icons as images but i have this probllem.
  3. I have one more question: In advanced version will be slideshow images?

I’ve been rather curious, @Mevi (or @Harri_Sarsa), as to when the new 2.0 will actually release. Note that I’ve been seeing answers on threads as early as April this year, I believe, saying the update is “a couple of weeks away”.

I get it. Better to release a new platform intact and relatively bug-free than to rush it and have more complaints of broken features than ever. That said, I’m caught between brainstorming and struggling to apply features (custom headers/toolbars) in a roundabout manner, as well as other features that are supposed to come with the 2.0 update which may just solve these current issues, or just waiting for the actual update.

So, it’d be great to get an actual realistic idea of when 2.0 is releasing. If “a few weeks away” really means Summer 2021, then I’ll just work around the limitations to the best of my ability. If it means a release before the end of 2020, then I’ll wait for it to come – since I’d probably remove the current custom header setup, for example, to implement the future supported implementation anyway.

Can anyone speak on this? I’ve not seen any public communications, or a “2.0 progress bar”, or an estimated time-to-launch date anywhere on the platform.

Any chance that beta might have another opening?

Hey – I sent you a DM with the beta instructions!

We’re now fully in stabilization mode for 2.0, with just a few regressions compared to 1.9 remaining. I’m hopeful that the “few weeks” really holds this time, and my sincerest apologies for the overly optimistic schedules.

For the new navigation features – the runtime support is done, but we’re still honing the editor side to get everything in mint condition and clear for the user, as we’re bringing more advanced customizability than I believe any other visual platform. So, we’ll likely release the new navigation stuff a bit after the runtime upgrade.

Thank you, Harri. I’ve been reading through your Slack page and, hopefully, the big updates will come in good time! Really looking forward to breaking in the new navigation editor when it launches!

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  1. Swipe between pages would be this feature which is not coming out with 2.0 initially I guess, but we shall see when we get to it. Between containers I’m not sure I know what you mean :thinking: Like a carousel? With third party plugins for sure. The swipeable container like this is still coming this year on 2.X.
  2. Tomi is unavailable this week, so he hasn’t been able to get back to you.
  3. This sounds like an image carousel, which would be a third party plugin.

Thank you for your answer!!!

Not meaning to speak on behalf of everyone here but I believe that most people using no code know little about web / app development, like me. It would be nice to have tutorials on how to use third party plugins, including how to use the GitHub repository and integrate to your Composer.

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Yep, agreed. We are working hard on our tutorials and aim to cover as wide range of Composer features as possible in those. I’m sure we’ll create some video or text tutorials showing how to use third party plugins when that feature becomes available. I don’t know exact timetable for that, but it’s already planned to be implemented soon after release of the upgraded runtime (which we hope to release from beta to all users soon).

The question is about swipeable container, has it been implemented (but I can’t find this element) or is there any other ways to make such effect?