In Testflight build, user cannot pass the authentication on the login page. Authentication works well only in AppGyver Preview


We have build the app with “Direct third party authentication”. We use Rest-API.

On the login, we open home page, which we allow to be opened without authentication. The login flow works well in Appgyver Preview. I am able to go to home page after inputing user email and password. But in the build I have created for testflight nothing happens when clicking login. First of all I do not understand what is the possible problem? Is it issue with “allow to be opened without authentication”? Or is it some iOS thing that prevents such authentication?

Will be grateful if somebody can respond!

Here is logic on login page being mounted/focused

Here is logic on clicking login

The login page UI


Could you please move this problem to ? This seems like a bug.
See Issue reporting guidelines for more information.