Incompatible issue while synchronizing cloud and local database

Hello guys!

I’m trying to populate my local storage database with the data from REST API request by using “Replace client-side record collection” flow function from market. I use these threads as how-to, but still can not manage to make it work. Because of the incompatible issue, of course. Please, HELP :pray:

This is what I have so far:

  1. Airtable table creatures_list

  2. That I successfully fetch to my app as airtable_creatures_list data source

  3. That has the next scheme

  4. Also I prepared a client-side storage local_creatures_list with the same scheme

  5. I am trying to bind them on the global canvas

  6. But there appears the incompatible issue

Could you please give me any suggestion how to fix this?

And one more additional question: why do those guys from topics mentioned above use app variable? What are the advantages of referencing schemeless app_variable instead of local storage?