Incompatible - Property of data item in repeat

Need some help. I have a REST API which returns a schema of objects. I have mapped the response schema to a list of objects. Then, I set the screen “Data Variable” to this REST API and want to populate a list from this data variable. I set the List property “Repeat with” to this Data Variable.

Now when I try to set the Primary Label to Property of Data Item in repeat, it shows Incompatible. Where am I going wrong?

Please help.


Sounds like the type of the property does not match with the primary label. Is the property you want to set as the primary label a text type?

yes it is. I have managed to solve it at the moment. Changed the object and that did the trick.

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What do you mean you changed the object? I think i’m having the same issue

@Landon_Morris make sure the variable value types of your object properties are correct. For example all text components like paragraph, titles, etc can be bound to object properties that are text types. If you want to show number types in your text components, you can use the formula STRING() to get it working.

I have a similar issue. I have a nested JSON that can be read the schema screen - however when I try to configure it as a data item in repeat… I get an incompatible message at the nested object.

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This seems like a bug on our side, thanks for bringing it up! You should be able to bind CustomerData.record with a formula as a workaround.

Thanks Cecilia - how do you go about mapping this element to a formula? is there a tutorial available?

Just click on the icon by the repeat-with property and you are able to choose formula from the options :slight_smile: