Increment a counter on the tap of a button on another page

Hi, I am making an app where the user clicks a button on a page which then increments a counter on another page. Also, the number in the counter is saved, even when the user exits the app. Any help on how to do this would be appreciated. Thank you!

Use an APP Variable to store your counter value, and use Set Item to Storage to save it to the device. Use Get Item from Storage to retrieve it.

Thank you very much for your suggestion! I have followed all the steps and the counter value increases, however, the value doesn’t save when I exit the app. Please could you explain how to do this part? Thank you

You have to use the Set Item to Storage flow function (its in the Marketplace) to save it. You can then use the Get Item from Storage flow function to retrieve it.

I followed the steps however it stills doesn’t work. I have attached below a screenshot of what I have done, please could you help me fix the problem?