Incremental view of records

I have a page displaying “Articles” (Airtable records).
Clicking on each photo opens a page with ‘details’.
Everything works as expected.
I’m thinking of 2 icons (next/previous) at the end of details page, when clicked, they display articles without the need to go back to ‘Articles’ page.

How can i achieve this?

I have no familiarity with airtable, but I´d do something like this;

Assuming when you click to go to the details page, that particular detail has some index? If so then do another get from your table with +/- 1 on the index?

That probably needs some adapting to your environment.

It might mean reading all of the indexes into a table / array when you load the details so as to not need to go back.

I hope that makes some sort of sense?

Hi Phil. I tried the +/-1 method with a formula while getting but with no success.
When evaluating the formula it gives me an error that number type is not assignable to text type. So it expects a text.
Tried both with list and single records.
I’m sure that theres a formula for this but for me is too complicated as I’m a beginner.

Also reading all of the records is not possible as every x days new records are registered because this is sort of ‘news’ page.

This can probably be resolved. I don´t know airtable - are the IDs sequential? Can you show a couple and also the binding that gets you the initial record you are successfully displaying?

Phil thanks for replying.

this is the data schema from airtable. I created the PID as a number (in order to make it work with the +/-1 but unsuccessfully).

this is the ‘News Details’ page. I have an icon which when tapped opens itself with a page parameter ‘newsID’ (basically is the same as News page which opens a specific record but in details).

I don’t know if this is the proper way to implement this or something has to do with the formula of page parameter.

So for starters, this is definitely solvable. I think this is right, but it might need some finishing touches.

Looking at the “repeat with” that is creating the list of items will number each of those items - I assume its the PID? If you make this list an app variable then it will be available on the next page.

Then when someone taps an item we just need to work out which item they have tapped in the list using INDEX_OF. It returns an integer which you can easily +/- 1 to. And the item located in the list at each position should be your PID which you can then use to retrieve you desired record.

I hope that helps.

The ‘PID’ is a column on airtable with a value type number. Its not created by airtable but by me.

New records are created on the first column each time and the PID increases by one.

So i created an appvar but i don’t know (a) if the schema is ok and (b) how to read it properly with formulas in order to read the next record from airtable.

Sorry if this is too obvious or easy but i have no idea what im doing :sweat_smile:

So I don´t know airtable at all, but in FB I get next records when I know which one I´m after doing this;

The ID to select the desired record is known to me. In your case it will be known too I believe as you are setting the PID so therefore know the one before and after.

I would suggest when doing this, do not add the Data resource to the page. Use the flow function off your next and back buttons.