Infinite loading spinner in preview App

I’ve read through all of the posts on similar errors and none seem to be the problem I am facing. Exclusive to my issue is the fact that sometimes the previewer loads and sometimes not at all. If I build the app it works, which is strange since it doesn’t load in the previewer.

I do see this error (picture attached) but I do not know what it may mean.

Does anybody have other ideas as to what might be happening?

Hi, could you create a bug ticket about this to with the screenshot of the error attached and your application ID (number sequence in project URL)?

Make sure to use an Incognito window. I found issues with browser caching that didn´t appear when using Incognito.

Hi, @Ash_Watson
We experienced this same problem a couple of weeks ago, but we managed to solve it with the Appgyver team in this Bug Tracker thread here: Web Preview Never Loads (& New console errors) | Voters | AppGyver Community Edition

Don’t know if you’re still struggling with this, but to sum up the link above, we solved it by removing any unnecessary flows from our app and simplifying formulas.

EDIT: Just wanted to clarify that the error that is shown in the screenshots provided by @Ash_Watson, “ERR_INCOMPLETE_CHUNKED_ENCODING”, signals that the transdolan failed to do its job w/in 120 seconds. If you see that message, the app likely not load until some of the solutions listed in the quote above are satisfied. Additionally, if you go to the Console tab in your browser dev tools, you can see the number of transdolan requests made so far (a request is made every second) and you can use this to determine how close you are to the 120-second mark described above.

Hope this helps,