Infinite Status: created

My assembly got the “created” status and has been in this status for 4 hours. Can you take a look?
Build 335401

Hi all,

Same issue here, build in created status since 4 or 5 hours.
Build : 323366
App Gyver ID : 557932

Thanks for your answer

Stuck on “Created” Status same here

Any change? I’m stuck here too

the build server status does not show any errors, but nothing works for me and the deadlines are missed. Can developers provide a solution or comment? Either everything will be decided or I will change the platform

Found the issue, fix is deployed soon!

There are now quite a lot of builds created / waiting to be queued, so it might take a while for all of them to be build - Sorry for the inconvenience!

How big a problem is this? How soon can you fix the problem? Should I plan for hours or days?

We got the old builds to the queue some time ago, and the rough estimate for the queue to clear up is ~10hours - so if you had build(s) stuck in created, you can expect it to be ready within 10 hours

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Problem solved! Thank you!