Initial Value with Date pick

When you set the Initial date, to pick date does not accept. Set the date as the current one and if you modify the date, keep the modified date opening. It does not obey the defined date.

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Looks like you’re using the FORMAT_DATETIME_LOCAL() formula, I think that is what is causing the issue. Try removing that and just use the page variable as the initial date.

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You dont want to FORMAT the date there (that creates a human-readable format that cant really be interpreted back by the program). What you want to do is NOW(), or something in raw UTC format.

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I have a Date Text Page Variable. I used page var without FORMAT_DATETIME_LOCAL, but the result was the same

Alright, @JOHN_WORSHAM is correct here, the initial date should be a date/time text instead of date text. The documentation is a bit unclear about this :grimacing:

Try setting the page var in a DATETIME() formula, that should work :slight_smile:

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