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If I dismiss initial view, will the app always then load to the ‘Home’ page?

What I am experimenting with is having my initial view page as my ‘login’ page…and after logging in successfully, they proceed to the home page. But also on my ‘login’ page I have a ‘create new user’ button and the logic for that is simply open page = new user followed by dismiss initial view. BUT that logic doesn’t work and the home page is opened instead of the page where a new user can register.

An alternative would be an initial view that is not the login page that is dismissed after 4 seconds…and then the log in page would open. But of course, after the initial view is dismissed, the home page is opened and the login/authentication is completely bypassed.

Ultimately, what I would like to have is login, create new user button, AND send password reset link all on that initial view…but I dont see how I can do that.


You can use simply Open page for the create user page, if you allow the create user page to be opened without authentication in the properties sidebar.

Here’s also a forum thread with a similar topic.

Thanks Cecilia

Too easy!


@Cecilia is there a way i can have an initial page before the log in page in appgyver? I want users to see this initial page, then from that page go to log in page or sign up page.

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one way (and i think the only) to do that is by putting everything in the same page and use visibility functions in order to ‘change’ pages.
Now that i see your image i like the thought i think im going to copy this idea :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: