Initialize Firebase Fails on Preview App - Android

When I open the web preview app, I can log in to my app. When I do the same on Android Preview App, the error from the return is:

Firebase has not been initialized properly, please do so using the Initialize Firebase flow function.

Initialize Firebase flow is actually added in Global Canvas but just to try I have added it the flow to a button. Then I had the “initialize failed” error there.

Additionally, Flows are up to date.

How can I fix it?

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Hi, have you created an Android app in Firebase and set it up in the connector?

No, for some reason I thought the preview app was emulating the web app :slight_smile: As soon as I set up the android app it got initialized.


Hi there, I am having the same problem. My web preview portal works perfectly, i can login and it goes to the control panel page as it is supposed to. But in the Android Previe App i get a blackscreen for about 30 seconds and then get the fatal error message. I clicked to vied details and there are allot of errors and i can’t copy it but i have attached screnshots of the errors im getting. Is there anything im probably doing wrong? Thanks in advance. Happy building.