Initiall View Page

Hello my app has a complete profile page requesting name and image this is the initial page of my app and I would like to add the following fucntion…

  • When the user doesnt have completed their info the complete profile shows but if the user have completed their info this page doesnt show anymore and navigates aumatically to the marke page
  • The informarion is storaged in firebase database
    What can I use to add this function?

In the global canvas attach a dismiss initial view and an open page component to the nodes of a condition “if user profile exists”.
You’ll figure out which node to connect each component to based on how you write your condition and its true/false response.

One thing to consider, there is an is verified value returned that you can use. This will stop users who have not verified their email from logging in. One thing I also found is when you get the output of the “GET User” function, there is a UUID which is a unique id for that user. I have been using this to post user specific data to a collection in Firebase. This way at any point in the app you need their data, you can “Get User”, then save the id as a variable, then call the url for the collection and ad the UUID to grab the specific document with their details. Then if those details are empty, you can display a toast message.

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