Inpur field and assigned value to component property value

My input field value is usually greyed out and I cannot use it anytime. Why is that so? The fields available are Source, BAckground image and button label. That’s all. I cannot assign the value so can’t POST the data.

CAn you please help me why is it happening?

This is a confusing aspect of our schema system, where currently types have to match exactly for direct binding to be available. An input field’s type is String OR Number, so anything you bind its value to has to have the same schema. This will be greatly improved and made more understandable with the new binding editor:

However, you rarely want to use the input field value directly anywhere, but rather bind it to a page/app variable – so if you have a String type page variable, and bind it to the input field’s Value, you can then use that page variable everywhere and it’ll reflect the value of the input automatically.