Input currency fields

How can we give it the currency format? in an input field?

are you looking for this?

Thanks, but I want to format the numbers when they are entered in an input fields. That if you enter 1000, $1,000 will be seen in that field. Any ideas?

So you mean that thats what you want as a result but you need it to happen instantly as the user inputs the number?

Yes. so that the user can see the money entered at the moment and not make mistakes. Which is the best route? Thanks for the help.

so to do that, you will need a variable, that is bound to the input, and you will use an event trigger, that triggers every time the variable changes like this

as for the set variable logic, you will need to follow the same idea as the post i showed you above

Thanksss for your help

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Hi Yes I tried but when I apply this the application stops working. What is the problem?

when, it stops working, when you type in the input field?
also can you send the function you use

Sorry. No, i cant use the webapp when i save with this funtion.

if this only happens with that function, could you send the function you use?