Input field check and record retrieval question

Hi, I have 2 questions

Question 1.

I have an input field and I would like to check if it is 8 digits before allowing it to be written to the database.

I have tried a few methods and none works

I have a page var to capture the input and a button to perform the check

eg. my input is 12345678

So I tried on component click

insert a IF condition

inside the editor, I managed to get a true and false response from this but on execution, it always goes to false.

I tried to output INTEGER(LOG10(pageVars.HP)) directly using a toast but it is empty.

Question 2.

When I wanted to retrieve record from the hosted database, can I use other fields other than ID?

Please advise.


For the first question the best solution would be to match it with a regex.
MATCHES_REGEX(pageVars.HP, "^[0-9]{8}$")
which would return true when it’s exactly 8 digits and false otherwise.


Hah, that’s creative use of LOG10. :smiley: The issue with the formula is that even though you bind the input field to a Number type variable, the user input is treated as a text string. So you would need to add NUMBER around the variable:

INTEGER(LOG10(NUMBER(pageVars.HP))) == 7 should work

Sasu’s regular expression example is how a programmer would do it, but otherwise nothing wrong with your solution!

This was actually tracked already in the bug tracker:

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