Input Field component bug?

This is bug on Input Field component?

In my case i need a onChange event and onBlur event.

I can’t use “receive event” and "Property value on changed"

because its delayed.

so I edit the Input Field by click this "Open in component template editor"

and used the onChange event and onBlur event inside.

but after exit the component editor. all of my Input field are changed to image above. there’s a way to prevent it or something. or this is a bug? thank you very much!.

Hi, when you make changes in the component template editor, you change the component template, which affects all instances of the component in your app. If you only want some Input fields to behave like this, you can make a new template by using the “Clone as a new view component” option:


thank you @Mari . another things. how can i use
“receive event” with “Property value on changed” on Input Field

because delayed on mobile side. and using this formula