Input field doesn't work on an object of a list

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my page variable is defined as a list of objects with 2 properties. One property is a boolean and the other an object with a couple of text fields.

To edit I have an Input field and repeat that with my page variable list. The value of the input field is set to Property of data item in repeat, and here to one of the text fields.

If the text field is in the (sub) object it cannot be edited! Is that a bug or should it work that way?

If I pull up the text field to the top list of objects, it works.

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There’s a bug related to repeats that editing doesn’t work in certain types of structures, especially in case of nested properties. However, list of Objects should work, at least with inputs inside containers (container repeated with direct binding). Object with list of objects doesn’t right now, but it should be fixed in 2.6.X.

Can you send some screenshots of your Composer setup so I can have a more precise idea of what’s going on?

Thanks for your reply, Mevi,

and good you know it will be fixed soon. Perhaps you could post it here.

Unfortunately, I cannot produce a screen shot. I have since changed the design of the app. Sorry.

@Mevi , our list does not calculate properly in new runtime as in picture. Our apps works fine during last runtime.

As you can see in the picture, total sales should be 1000.00 but it only calculate at 1.00.

Hi, please provide more information about your setup so I’d be able to help you :slight_smile: (screenshots would be good)

I’m afraid this issue hasn’t been fixed. I still can’t assign an input value to a list of objects.