Input field in Apple does not working properly

I am using iphone to test out my appgyver preview. Seems that the input field does not working properly.

  1. Input field does not show properly when the keyboard pop out. I am using stretch to viewport.
  2. When the keyboard disappear, the my stretch to viewport does not working properly; a grey component exist at the bottom.

Please view the video for more info.

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I’m also having the same problem. A weird space appears on top of the keyboard and it remains there after the keyboard is gone, displacing everything above and messing with my UI. @Mari

Hi, @IAS_Valley_Secretary @Juan_Giraldo thanks for reporting this bug, I’ll put the information forward!

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Hey @Mari, I checked further and I noticed I had disabled the page scrolling in all my pages. Enabling it back again made the problem disappear :man_shrugging:t2:

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