Input Field unexpectedly changing unrelated Page Variable

I’m doing a bit of input validation for a page by reducing the opacity of the Next button until all fields have been filled out.

I have an optional text Input field that, for some reason, is changing my input_valid variable to true when I type in it, even though the text field is in no way connected to the variable. Below are screnshots of my setup. Can someone tell me why this would be lighting the button up? It seems like an AppGyver bug to me, but a bug that changes unrelated variables randomly seems really bizarre.

The bug:

The setup for the button’s opacity:

The setup for the input field:

I had a lot of issues with opacity. There are definitely bugs in this area. Some I think are related to the page refresh not always happening when the opacity variable changes, leading to all sorts of strange results.

For me I got around it by using more containers and running the flow off the container, not the item that was getting changed. Perhaps that might work for you? Move the flow function off the next button and put it on a container that surrounds the button.

The same problem occurs when I use Disabled instead of Opacity so I don’t think it has to do with AppGyver’s opacity bugs.

Somehow anything going into a text field is legitimately changing my input_valid page variable to true.

Have you watched this happening in debug mode? Maybe there is a clue to it there.

Yeah I just did it, gives me no clues though. Any letter typed into a freshly created text input field that isn’t connected to anything changes the input_valid page variable to true. I have no idea what to think at this point, it’s pretty insane that this can even happen.

Have you shared the logic for your input valid variable?