Input Fields and Toggle and passing Parameters got bug inside List

Checkbox / Checkbox Field doesn’t work ( nothing happens when click on the checker ) - BUG SOLVED.

Toggle cannot be changed; Input Field works but got bug, when you enter text/number it immediately disappears. If pull out of the List, they work fine normally.

If open a new page from inside a List, it won’t pass the parameters to that new page.

Hello @YakovTran ,

I am facing same issue …
The list is a repeated item right ?

I did a check-list and when loading it I sort it using a number field.
Then, when I try to check/uncheck these checkboxes … nothing works!

Did you go through that issue ??

Yes, it only happens to item inside a List. Not only checkbox but Input Fields and Toggle also got bug.

I haven’t gone through this, still waiting for Appgyver to fix…

Oh great, I have just checked and Checkbox is working now !