Input inside repeat not working when binding to a page var

Hi! I’m starting on Appgyver and I’m loving it, but now I’m having some issues.
I want to use a textInput inside a repeating list, in this case clients. The issue is that when I bind the value of the text input to a pageVar.PostInfo is doesn’t work and I can’t write any text, only showing the initial value of the pageVar.PostInfo . To simplify this, pagevar PostInfo is not binding to anything except the text input and I’m not using any logic there.
Am I doing anything wrong? I saw every documentation and searched for similiar topics and didn’t found anything. The closest to this was this but I’m not sure it is the same: Input field doesn’t work on an object of a list - AppGyver


Thank you so much for providing this software, I’m eager to learn more.
Regards, Carlos Oliveira


Sorry for the late reply!

Is this a list of objects you are repeating with direct repeating, i.e. you’re not using a formula in the repear-with property? I just tried a test case where I experienced the same issue in using a page variable, but I was able to bind the input value to a property in the current object. Are you able to bind the input value to a property in your client list, something like current.postInfo?

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Thank you for your response, yes I tried binding to current.postInfo and then update my database and it works. I actually thought current variables were read only. I’m always learning. But still its weird that the original idea doesn’t work.

I have another question, I have a component similiar to a dropdown but multilevel, created with some internal properties, one of those is two way binding and it’s supposed to work both internally which it does, and to bind to a outside variable so it can be seen and changed, just like the Selected Value from the dropdown. The problem is that it works when it’s not bound to anything outside, but when I do bind it, it stops working even when the variable which it is bound is empty. Any ideas?
Thank you so much for you help!
Regards, Carlos Oliveira