Input Validation for Forms

Is there a way to do inline validation on a form? Since embedding forms from other sources isn’t possible, I’m attempting to build a form with standard usability features.

After a user tabs out of an input box, is there a way to trigger a validation to see if it is a URL or email or what have you? (Using regex info maybe?)

And then turn the box outline green and a check if so. Or add an X and turn the box red if not. And also show error message on how to fix the incorrect field.

Also, can i create an active state that deletes the placeholder text when active.

Example states below in image

I know that is a lot. But is any of it possible? Any video tutorials?

Not sure if there’s tutorials but you can add formulas to styling rules which makes this kind of stuff possible.
e.g. image
with formula IF( > 0, "rgb(0,0,0)", "rgb(42,42,42)")

Can the formula be triggered when the input box is entered? or exited?

Also, the actual validation part, is that possible? Do you have info to pull from or settings for email validation, URL validation, max char. The basic field types are something I need to validate for. Most other system have components of those types.

Any direction you can give me to accomplish this until you have embeddable forms would be helpful.

There’s some pre-made validations, like IS_EMAIL in the formulas, but for most validations you’d have to write your own with lower-level formulas. Any ideas to add to the formula library that would benefit a lot of users would be appreciated!

All this is done within the AirTable form I prefer to embed.

My choice is now to spend days to weeks if I want the inline validation, which is default expectation for usability these days. And I doubt I could even recreate it all. Sure hope you give web app creators embed codes sooner rather than later. Much easier solution.

Internal forms will just be too time consuming to use on AppGyver for me until states and validations exist. Somewhat disappointing but I know you are new. Hopeful for the future.


Yeah +1 I think forms are absolutely a base-level high priority thing for 99% of projects, so either internal forms need to get some loving or embedding third party forms needs to be an option.


Here is the ticket to let them know that accept input and payments from users by embed code is important to you.