Inputs not working inside initial view

All the inputs are not working inside my initial view (which is a basic login page with a form) on both Android and iOS. Every time I type a character the character is immediately deleted, therefore not enabling the user to type anything. However, if the user then goes to a different page, such as registration or password reset, then comes back, then suddenly all input fields are working correctly. This wasn’t the case before the latest runtime update to AppGyver Preview.

Just bumping this up again, as the issue still persist.

To be clear, what happens is that the app loads and the initial view is shown. Once there the input fields don’t allow typing anything, the first character is deleted immediately after typed, thus preventing you from signing in. However, if you go to a different page and then go back, suddenly all input fields work. As mentioned, this happens on both iOS and Android, and it’s been caused by the runtime release 2.8.28.

I posted this almost 19 days since first posted (is nobody monitoring this forum anymore @Harri_Sarsa?), could anyone please look into this issue? Has anybody else run into the same problem?