Integrate Payments?


I just found this tool and seems incredible the stuff you can do with this, so first of all, congrats!

I’m a little bit confused with the intentions of this tool when I see ‘professional no-code platform’. Is this intended to be used also to create MVP of final products for startups? As I don’t see any payment integration or guide to do it, I’m not sure whether this tool is intended for that. I’m thinking of creating a marketplace native app for example.



Composer is definitely meant for final products, though it’s very useful for creating MVPs too.

Currently there’s no payment integrations, but we’ve used an integrated Stripe plugin internally. However, that will require you to code your own backend for Stripe still, including custom user management. If that’s an option, we can see about enabling the plugin for you in Build Service.

Completely no-code payments from your app’s users are definitely something we want to provide, but that is not in the immediate roadmap.

Can you clarify how you would like this functionality to work? Set up some credit card or other way to receive payments in a cloud portal, then construct an app where users can register user accounts, add credit cards and start paying?

Hi Harri - thanks for your help.

Yep, I’m thinking of a no code stripe integration similar to the one in Bubble. If I want to build a final product, it’s likely it’d need payment integrations: Credit card or paypal.

What I have in mind and trying to figure out whether I can build it here is a services marketplace that requires log in, payments and internal chat among other more basic things. Is that doable here?

All those functions are definitely doable – really anything is, as Composer is a full-fledged development platform (you just program visually instead of writing code), but at the moment custom backend would be needed to facilitate many of the described functionalities.

We do have plans to bring the mentioned features as more packaged things complete with accompanying backend, so stay tuned!

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Hi Harri, I am definitively interested in integrating stripe. I can build the backend server logic. Do you have any further indications on how you proceeded to set up the stripe payment form on the front end? Anything to put me in the right direction would be awesome, thank you

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I’m not sure if Stripe allows credit card data to be delivered 100% via a REST API call – if so, you should be able to just construct the necessary UI in Composer and then POST it to the server.

If that’s not the case, the solution will be integrating the frontend SDK with – so stay tuned!

Hi… I was able to easily add a payment processor into my app, but not PayPal. Do you have any suggestions as how to get PayPal to work in my App?

Hi, I don’t know about PayPal’s implementation, so the answer for this is same as Harri answered above. Just replace Stripe with PayPal:

is there any way to implement a monthly requring monthly via the app stores (Google & ios) via the composer?

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I am looking for this as well

Nope, you guys will need to wait for AppGyver to release an integration for third-party plugins, which would then allow integration with the in-app purchases libraries provided by Google and Apple for in-app payments.

Hello, we’re wanting to integrate online payment system too. May we know if there’s a way to integrate payment in appgyver?

Any ETA on when this could come available? Is necessary for what we are building!

What payment processor were you able to integrate and how?

I am currently integrating into my app. If anyone needs help hit me up.

@Zach_Duffy Can we talk ? I want to ship a web saas app with Appgyver and definately need to integrate payments.

@Arthur_Goujon @Harri_Sarsa @Miguel_Lorenzo
We looked into this, and we are currently planning to implement two of the following options,

Happy to take this further and if you can help us implement it, we can contribute the component back to the community to use it,

basically, there are 3 different ways to do this:

  1. for selling and collecting money, it can be either one time payment or recurrent, you can create the product in your Stripe account, then use stripe API to integrate to the backend, load the payment form, etc. the stripe loads all the data in its form, and no local credit card data will be stored in the application, stripe processes the payment, and you receive the money. (note for this to happen you need to have a stripe account of course).

  2. Use Stripe connect, this is good, when you want to implement a payment method to allow your application users collect and receive payments, and you want to charge them for a commission, or transaction fee. you can implement this in 3 different ways that I shared below, for this to happen, you must setup a Stripe Connect account and pass the requirements of becoming a stripe partner, so you can process the payments (companies like Amazon, Xero, Shopify and Square are suing this method):

2a. Standard Accounts - in this method everything is branded with Stripe, the app users can connect their own stripe account to the application, and collect payments. you can charge them a fee for each transaction, or let them pass your processing costs to their customers. benefits of this method is that Stripe takes care of validating you user’s identity, fraud protection, etc. in this method, stripe does not charge you for any transaction fees.

2b. Express account - in this method, you can use a co-branding payment form, and you can customize the payout timing and pricing. for this method, Stripe charges you 0.5% per transaction, plus $2 per monthly active account… and you can set your own processing fees.

2c. Custom - this is a 100% white label transaction processing, (companies like Shopify and Square use this method), all of the forms and everything is under your brand, but you are also responsible for fraud protection, refunds, etc.

I hope that we can find someone interested in implementing this with us, so we can test it, and then share the component with the community.

feel free to tag me here or contact me directly if you need more information,


@Amin_Naserpour Thanks a lot for organizing this matter. I believe we are not a small number wanting this feature. Appgyver along with Xano and potentially Stripe will let us ship full fledged saas apps.

this integration (payment with and appgyer) worked?

Also quite interested in a Stripe integration. Looking forward to an update.