Integrate with and

Hi …

Let me begin by saying I’m very impressed with this platform.

I’m currently building a habit tracking app and it’s been fairly simple so far.

I’m stumbling a little bit with integrating the app with Auth0 and

I’ve spent a few hours trying to get is to work buy not entirely sure where to start.

I’ve seen in some other threads about future plans of creating a proper plug-n-play type integration and perhaps creating a step-by-step guide.

Just wanted to express the need for creating these integrations as any app built on this platform would need these to be production-ready.

In the meantime - has anyone successfully connected with Auth0 or

And if yes, do you mind outlining a few steps where I can get started.

(I was a programmer in a past life so I have some tech experience).

Much appreciated … Ron :slight_smile:

I’m about to begin with Auth0. I tried LinkedIn directly (as that is out preference) but it requires a call from a server which AppGuyver does not provide. Have you had any luck?

Hi @Bentley_Davis

I ended up going a different route and ended up using …

  1. Firebase Auth REST API … used for user login and managing the access keys …
  2. Realtime Database REST API … used for storing data securely using database rules …

I’ve been able to get this combination to work with the current version of AppGyver.

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@vereggen do you use any external providers like Facebook or Google or are these all just username and password?

@Bentley_Davis … currently just using username and password.

Would love to see some of the logic/steps you used to set up the Firebase auth function. Been struggling with auth. Thank you

Hi @George_Pillari … I will put something together that walks through what I’ve setup. Can you tell me more about what you’re trying to accomplish and the challenges that you are having?

Just trying to set up the auth function so that users can sign up, sign in, sign out plus recover passwords. All the basic auth functions, nothing fancy. I am getting stuck on callback URLs and some of the stuff that is not part of the basic app building in AG, most of which I have a good handle on. I have several REST APIs set up and functioning etc.

Thank you


Hi @George_Pillari … Posted response in this thread in case others are interested … Setup AppGyver and Firebase REST API