Integrating Gmail and Google Calendar APIs in a SAP Build App for a Study Project

Hello SAP Community,

I am currently working on a study project and we are using the free version of SAP Build. Our objective is to create an application that integrates with Gmail and Google Calendar. We want the app to have full access to read and write data from these services.

So far, we have successfully created a project in the Google Cloud Console, activated the Gmail and Google Calendar APIs, and obtained OAuth 2.0 credentials with the necessary scopes.

Our goal is to have our SAP Build application authenticate with a specific Google account and maintain the OAuth token for long-term usage. We are having difficulties implementing this functionality within our SAP Build application.

Could someone guide us on how to implement this in our SAP Build application? Any advice or resources would be greatly appreciated. Please note that we are using the free version of SAP Build and do not have access to automation features.

Thank you in advance for your assistance.

Olá, infelizmente não é possível fazer login oauth2 (pelo meu entendimento e experiência tentando) desde que os componentes que você usa para redirecionamento ou visualização da url de login Google não é mais aceita pelo Google e é bloqueada no webview.

Você consegue fazer a maior parte do processo de oauth2, porém não consegue exibir a URL de login do Google, pois eles só aceitam navegadores específicos, outro ponto que o evento de trazer informações externas não funciona devidamente com o Google por conta que o Google do aceita solicitações com schemas que não sejam https://. O lado positivo é que você pode fazer o processo com outro provedor, tipo Facebook, que acho que não é bloqueado pelo webview, mas ainda sim muito limitado.

Hi! My understanding is that this is not very easy to implement at the moment, but there are some who have managed to do it. It is however not no-code, since it will require some pro-code skills. Please check out this thread:

What is the purpose of the app, or what does the integration need? If it is just for signing in I couldnt help, but if you need it for other things like sending data with those accounts, you could also consider

I will paste a video I made on this below, but essentially what you would do is set up your app to send data to make (likely a trigger of some kind, I use an api call in the video) and then make could use the Google Integration to do a variety of things outside of your app.