Integrating SDK's with Appgyver


I was wondering if I can get some help understanding if it is possible to integrate SDK’s into an app. I know there is documentation and examples for API.

I am looking for a live audio call SDK integration for the app that I am trying to build.

Thank you

To my knowledge, many SDKs work similarly to APIs, so it is theoretically possible to integrate an SDK. Although, there is no direct way to do so and it will require you to understand how the SDK works and use that to make the app. Check the endpoints that the SDK is using and utilize those in the API data configuration in Composer.

tl;dr There is no ‘plug-and-play’ method for that and it might not be possible to implement a certain SDK.

I see, so if I wished to make an app that utilizes live audio as its core function what tools can I use in AppGyver that can make this possible considering that SDK’s might give me problems.

You can work with audio by using Flow Functions in Logic. Just search ‘Audio’ in the flow functions market and you will see all the available options. We are currently working on third-party plugins integration, so there will be A LOT more options soon! Perhaps even direct SDK integrations.

Thank you for your help.

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