Integration with google pay

Good night, I have a question.
I’m finishing my first app and I’d like to put the user to pay monthly to use, very cheap.
Is it possible to integrate appgyver with Google Pay and Apple Pay? They told me no, but I really need to do this.
If possible, could you tell me how to do this?

Thank you,

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Hi @Viviane_Folconi , did you find the way ? I am looking for similar help.


Not directly, no. AG needs to allow you to use other APIs or libraries before it’s easy.

There are workarounds that involves running users through web pages and requests that are triggered by AG and displayed though something like WebView, but this requires alot of ability to work with actual code.

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If possible. The easiest and less painful way is to use Wordpress as a headless CMS and WooCommerce for payment processing using the REST API integration built in.

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Hi Dayne, do you have any tutorial which explains who can we connect Appgyver with Woocommerce REST API to fetch the below data and working with variables to showcase it on app

  • Allows user to login with Woocommerce credentials
  • To list products and details
  • Cart & checkout page
  • Make Payment
  • Order status etc

Thank you