Interactive Map as Background?

Hi all,

New user on AppGyver and am absolutely loving all the amazing functionality. I’m trying to create an app that looks similar to the “Seated” app.

I’m curious if there’s a way to make the interactive map as a background and have all other elements like search bar and etc stacked on top of it. I’ve included a few screenshots.

Less importantly, I’m also curious if the main menu element at the center bottom element can be replicated. Essentially you can drag it up or down and then the restaurant menu pops up.

Thanks all for the help.

Hi there! sure both of your requests are possible with appgyver, for the map, there is a map view component nd for the special window, there an option to open a page as you show its this one

For the stacking on top, you need to use containers with absolute positioning turned on and z index dictating the layer, with 0 being the bottom.

You can then toggle on or off the top layers with variables controlling visibility.

This works! Thanks all! Very helpful