Intermediate AppGyver developer looking to hire experienced AppGyver developer

Hello folks,
I’ve built an app that is close to launch but I need 2 specific functionalities to complete it.

  • Image upload to cloud db
  • User registration and logon
    If anyone has experience in successfully setting either of these up please reach out, I would like to learn as part of this initiative as well.

Hey man,

For registration & login systems, check this out:

I am not a developer and made it happen with this tutorial as well :slight_smile:

Hey Joel if you’re still looking for some help, feel free to shoot me an email

Hi Joel,
If you are still on the lookout for some help I would be glad to help you out, as what you are wanting done is well within my area of expertise.
You can reach me on
Cheers and Have a great day ahead,

Hey amici,
anch’ io ho bisogno di un aiuto.
Ho bisogno di:

  • far funzionare la barra di ricerca, in modo che cerca prodotto su FoodFacts o altri database su API REST
  • la ricerca di un prodotto con barcode, che funzioni la ricerca su diverse API REST ( diversi fornitori ) contemporaneamente, per un confronto prezzi di acquisto.

Qualcuno può aiutarmi ?

Thanks dude, I did see this but I’m not using Bubble. I will give it a try, tkya!

@David_Juliano and @Andrew I’ve sent you both emails to get further info, @claudio_radaelli sorry I dont speak spanish :frowning: