Intermittent TypeError: Cannot read properties of undefined (reading 'key') while running a web-app

Hello, as of the latest SAP Build Apps runtime version 4.9111

I started getting the below error in either preview mode and with a built and deployed web-app

framework-d046195ed09c70ab.js:1 TypeError: Cannot read properties of undefined (reading 'key')
    at e.getContextInfoNext (_app-ebd8224a60d7693d.js:1:3790539)
    at Function.mapToProps (_app-ebd8224a60d7693d.js:1:3868934)
    at r (_app-ebd8224a60d7693d.js:1:4192409)
    at d (_app-ebd8224a60d7693d.js:1:4193794)
    at _app-ebd8224a60d7693d.js:1:4193946
    at _app-ebd8224a60d7693d.js:1:4190847
    at Object.zo [as useMemo] (framework-d046195ed09c70ab.js:1:83718)
    at t.useMemo (framework-d046195ed09c70ab.js:1:144239)
    at C (_app-ebd8224a60d7693d.js:1:4190791)
    at oo (framework-d046195ed09c70ab.js:1:78985)

and here goes the screenshot from the browser console:

Worth mentioning I have never seen it with the previous runtime version, namely 4.9.92.

Would it be possible to offer more than one runtime version for the build service?
Thank you

Interestingly enough, the legacy platform build service offers a higher runtime version: 4.9.113

So maybe the above error I spotted with the version 4.9.111 runtime can be circumvented with 4.9.113?

UPDATE: same error persists with either 4.9.113 or 4.9.118 runtime versions. The last known runtime version without the problem was 4.9.92;

PS. La app de SAP build Apps sierra sesion is likely the same issue