Introduction videos

I’m just started and done Intro 5/5, Logic 5/5, Variables 5/5 and when I come to Data I done them all five parts but only rewarded 4/5. The first in that category Creating Data won’t recognize my achievement. Is it a known bug?

Hi @Zlatan, thanks for the heads up – we’re aware of the issue and it’s on the backlog to be fixed. If you want to get rid of the wizard, you can do so on the Community tab.

I done the exercise so many times now and it never changed so I had to ask. Thanks for answering.

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I try a direct question. I worked with a reminders list which explained data resource very good. I closed my browser and can’t find the videos anymore. Do you know which videos I mean. I do believe that the Academy is quite unorganized. I posted earlier about it. It is difficult to find oneself around and there are so many “start here” categories that makes it confusing where to start.