Invalid Syntax Response

I am working on a simple login page. I am using Xano for my backend. I have also added the base api to the base and auth/login api to the create record. The registration works fine and it shows in the database, but when I attempt to longin, I get this error message:" Error: JSON error response from server: {“message”:“Invalid password syntax.”}.status: 500" . I have checked, but I can’t seem to find where the error is coming from. Has any one come across this issue?


I haven’t used Xano before, but found this thread with a tutorial video for AppGyver x Xano login. Would this be helpful?

Thanks for sharing that @Cecilia!

You are correct…That will show the login steps and the video before it in the AppGyver / Xano channel will walk through the signup using AppGyver and Xano.

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Thank you @Cecilia !

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Thank you @Steve_Stava !

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Hi @Steve_Stava i neve followed your tutorials to learn working with appgyver and xano, its easy to understand. Now i need help, i have made a local storage then i can automatically login to my app and then when i try to make sign out page, afterclicking sign out button initial view appears but suddenly login back again automatically. I don’t know how to fix it.

I am guessing you haven’t emptied your authToken app level variable. If you clear the authToken variable the attempt to autologin will fail (as you want it to). Let me know if that works for you. Thanks for watching!

Hi @Steve_Stava it has solved and the problem comes since i skip adding get record from local storage… thanks for your response.

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